New Sculpture by Christopher Schulz

Artist Christopher Schulz’s sculptures present the beautiful contours of the natural human figure combined with the presence of an internal mechanical world that is constantly working behind the scenes non-reliant on human interaction. The inner workings of existence that take place as we rotate through society continually going through permutations of being stripped down, taken apart and reassembled.

Like a three-dimensional Dali drawing come to life, the piece Revisal shows us a stunning female figure, perfect in every way, with an insight into the heart cavity as well as the exposed gears adjacent to the hips. It’s as if she’s being redesigned as we look on.

According to Schulz, “So many mechanical actions mimic how the human body works. I am always interested to see how far we will go in designing things that take the place of us in order to make things easier.”

For price and availability please contact the gallery at (760) 346-4243 or toll free at (877) 977-CHFA